How to Take Care of Your Mental Health While Writing Your Dissertation

Writing Your Dissertation
Dissertation writing is not only physically exhausting, but it also imposes many challenges to your mental health as well. Basically, when stress becomes prolonged, the risk of mental health-related issues such as depression and anxiety increases. Writing helps you share your opinions with the audience, and it is fun if someone has a passion for writing. But for those who take dissertation writing as an overwhelming process, using good stress management skills for effectively handling this extensive writing task is necessary. Otherwise, aggression, exhaustion, irritation, and lack of concentration may result in a direct adverse effect on the mental health of students. In order to learn some ways of maintaining your mental health while writing your dissertation, this article has some secrets that every student must at least read.

Mental Stress Management While Writing Your Dissertation:

For maintaining mental health, it is important to learn mental stress management. The best way to get rid of stress is to drink a lot of water, take a protein-rich meal, and consume nicotine adequately. Moreover, having regular physical exercise (at least 15 minutes per day) and setting self-motivation for enjoying writing your dissertation also has a highly positive impact on the well-being of mental health. Thus, by following the following tips, you can better manage the dissertation writing stress.

Keep A Positive Attitude:

It’s the positivity that reflects in your mental health status. Positive thinking not only increases your life span but also lowers depression rate, pain, and stress. It also increases resistance to illness by improving physical and physiological well-being. However, the positive attitude about writing your dissertation refers to the act of enjoying your work for the sake of getting the learning outcomes. It will help you keep motivated throughout the writing process.

Divide The Dissertation Into Small Manageable Tasks:

A depressing act that most students do while writing their dissertation is counting the pages. At the very initial stage, counting pages exhausts students, and they start taking writing as an endless process. So, the best way to handle the dissertation is to first divide it into small manageable tasks. Each small task completion energizes you to take a step forward and enjoy the process.

Complete Fieldwork Before Writing:

Collecting data by setting heavy instruments in the laboratories, conducting chemical and behavioral tests, and contacting people for the sake of gathering their valuable responses all are quite tiresome. Moreover, writing your dissertation imposes a different set of challenges. In this scenario, to keep your morale high throughout the process, it is necessary to first complete the fieldwork and then select the silent corner at your home to give quality time to draft a masters dissertation. This tip will give an additional benefit as well. It helps students in choosing the right words and concepts for writing clearly.

Take Regular Physical Exercise:

Apparently, physical exercise has no connection with the mental health of students writing their dissertations. But only a healthy body holds a healthy mind, and physical exercises are very important to increase oxygen supply to the brain, which in turn improves its health. So the healthiest routine for dissertation writers is to spend a few hours on research or writing at the start and end of the day. And the rest of the day can be spent fulfilling your on-campus duties. Taking membership in your favorite gym, taking part in the marathon, and participating in other co-curricular activities is necessary to stay mentally fit while writing your dissertation.

Manage Stress By Planning Hangouts With Friends:

Getting social support for stress relief is another important way to take of your health. If you are feeling burnout, exhausted, and overbooked with writing your dissertation, then arranging a get-together with your friends is good enough to re-motivate you. Hangouts, dine-ins, night-overs, and plans to see the movie of your choice all are good ways to enjoy a friend’s company. Sharing your writing problems with friends of your age group can help you find the easiest solution to wave off all your worries.

Seek Professional Help For Writing:

Mental stress will not at all affect you when you take the smart ways instead of getting burnout by continuous hard work. No doubt, dissertation writing needs hard work, but by taking advantage of your smartphone and other digital screens, you can easily hire someone to help you in the research process and writing process. Dissertation writing services are some legit and trusted writing services providers that remain 24/7 hours ready to provide you with helping hands. If you can solve all your research queries with one click, then why do you need to take dissertation writing as your personal headache? Go and avail your offer now:

Pay Special Attention To Diet:

21st November is world fisheries day, and its 2023’s celebrations have a message for all students when, especially for those who are suffering from dissertation writing stress. Fish meals contain omega-3 fatty acids that play a vital role in sharpening your memory and improving the problem-solving abilities of students. Fish is only one choice; however, drinking adequate water, eating chocolates (anti-depressant), and having fresh fruits and vegetables also help you keep yourself motivated and overcome the side effects of overwork.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, writing your dissertation needs you to spend at least 8 hours daily for three months. Writing, writing, and writing continuously without taking a necessary short break is indeed tiresome and has some adverse effect on mental health. Thus, by taking care of diet, having physical exercise, making recreational events, and being optimistic, one can easily get through this tough phase of his life. Moreover, if you really want to improve your interpersonal skills by writing a dissertation, you must seek your supervisor’s feedback after completing each writing task. Taking the advisor’s feedback constructive is another tip to keep writing on with the same enthusiasm and zeal.

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